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Patreon is like an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, where you can pledge a monthly amount to access high-quality online resources designed to help people like you develop a home yoga practice, and realize my longterm goal of offering low-cost or free teacher trainings for underprivileged people so they can bring yoga into their communities.

I’m creating an online yoga resource library and community that you can access for as little as $5/month. Your subscription helps me purchase new equipment, pay the rent and keep creating practice resources that allow you to practice in the comfort and safety of your home!

This is the most cost-effective and easy way for you to access the content I create.

Vinyasa Foundations

A series of progressive vinyasa yoga sequences that help develop strength, flexibility and mind-body harmony. Clear, simple instruction, sound principles and smart sequencing makes this series a safe and effective way to practice yoga at home.

Perfect for those who:

  • want to start a home practice
  • don't feel strong or flexible enough for studio classes
  • want to learn how to practice safely
  • want to learn a yoga practice for life

You’ll learn:

  • the principles of safe and effective vinyasa practice
  • 4 breath and movement sequences that progressively develop strength, flexibility and focus
  • the simple technology of linking breath and movement to cultivate a meditative state of alert relaxation
  • a repertoire of functional movement patterns that you can combine to create your own flow
  • a yoga practice for life!

“I have found the principals of vinyasa INCREDIBLY helpful. I have practiced vinyasa yoga in classes on and off but ALWAYS struggle to not hold my breath and breath consistently, often finding resistance in my chest. So, a life changing THANK YOU, Brian, for explaining this simple yet completely imperative information. From the bottom of myself heart, thank you for this program that has in fact changed my life since day one.” — Rachael, Australia

Everyday Yoga for Everybody

Everyday Yoga for Everybody is a comprehensive and customizable personal yoga program that can help you move better, feel better, live better and love better — starting with just 7 minutes a day!

This innovative program consists of short vinyasa (breath and movement) sequences that you can practice individually or combine in countless ways to create a personal yoga practice based on your changing needs and daily schedule. Sample practices ranging from 15 – 45 minutes long are included to get you started and show you how you can “find your own flow” by combining shorter sequences into a completely personalized vinyasa flow.

Use the link below to get 15% off the entire series, which includes over 3 hours of practice videos.

For just $30 CDN you’ll have lifetime access to:
• simple sun salutations
• progressive series of standing sequences
• progressive series of lying down sequences
• kneeling sequence
• complete 15/20/25/30/45-minute practices
• restorative vinyasa sequence
• chair yoga sequence

Stream on your mobile device, home computer, Apple TV or download to watch whenever and wherever.

Free Videos

When you apply Krishnamacharya’s principles of vinyasa to your yoga practice, it makes it powerful, safe and effective. This is a simple but profound method that combines postures, breathwork and mindfulness into a practice that cultivates physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.