Practical tools from the ancient wisdom traditions for wholistic health and wellbeing. Compassionate support and open-hearted dialogue to navigate whatever comes up. Here’s how I can help.


Yoga Therapy

$90 Initial Consultation
$60 Follow-Up Session
Free 15-minute Consultation

Yoga Therapy helps with physical, mental and emotional issues through a wholistic approach that includes the application of yoga postures, breathing, chanting and meditation, supported by open-hearted dialogue and compassionate support. Following an initial consultation, I’ll design a practice for you to commit to for at least one week, after which we’ll continue to meet regularly to check in, refine and develop your practice, and speak about any issues that may be coming up.

Not sure if yoga therapy is a good fit for you?
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Yoga Therapy can help with...
• physical pain
• emotional trauma
• addiction recovery
• depression & anxiety
• intimacy in relationships
• stress reduction
• unblocking creativity


Teacher Mentoring

$60 Individual Session
$150 / 3 Sessions
Free 15-minute Consulation

Yoga Teacher Mentoring is for anyone who’s taken a teacher training and is looking for more clarity on the philosophical or practical aspects of yoga, and/or seeking to develop their own personal practice — a requirement for true understanding of what you’re teaching. We can also work together to find your own unique voice and address any personal issues that arise in the course of your practice and teaching.

Not sure if we’d be a good fit?
Book a free 15-minute phone consultation

Teacher Mentoring Topics
• developing a personal practice
• yoga philosophy
• finding your voice
• beyond asana: learn and effectively teach pranayama, chanting and meditation


Online Practice

I’ve created a number of resources to help you develop a home yoga practice, safely and effectively. Combining a simple personal practice with private 1-to-1 consultations can be a powerful way to realize big shifts in your life. Whether you're looking for improved energy and health, recovery from substance or behavioural addiction or re-connecting to your passion and purpose, I can help you help yourself.