Downtown Betty Q&A (and a special offer)

Brian Warrior Pose
Brian Warrior Pose

If you haven't already subscribed to my mailing list, then you missed today's newsletter that contains a link to the Q&A I did with Downtown Betty, a fantastic Vancouver company that makes clothes that "feel better than naked" (I can attest to this). Look closely and you'll also find a coupon code for 50% off my Foundations 01 yoga practice.

Here are a few Q&As from the full interview:

DB: Would you share more about your mission to help other learn to heal themselves through a complete yoga practice?

BK: I often say in my classes that yoga is a totally DIY enterprise, which is one of the great things about it, and one of the most challenging aspects. Once you learn the basics from a reliable teacher, you can practice them on your own, wherever you are. I love giving people the tools to make the practice personal and not feel like they always need to go to a class and do someone else’s practice.

DB: What’ s your favourite Quote or Motto?

BK:“The breath is your guru. Obey your guru”. T Krishnamacharya via Mark Whitwell.


DB: We love your tattoos, which one is your favourite?

BK: Asking to pick a favourite tattoo is like asking who your favourite kid (or dog) is...but the one over my heart was my first and is a tribute to my wife who has supported me every step of the way.

DB: Do you have a morning/evening routine/ritual you do that you follow?

BK: I seem to always be adding to my routine, but there’s nothing like a morning walk with my dogs, then tea and yoga practice to start my day.

DB: When things start to get a little hectic, do have quick calming or centering technique you use to get grounded again?

BK: I usually step away from whatever I’m doing and do some simple moving and breathing...usually starting with inhaling arms overhead and exhaling them back down. Sometimes that leads into a few sun salutations, or maybe some balancing pranayama...whatever feels right. I find that just getting out for a walk does wonders as well.

The West Coast is where my heart is. I feel so much more at home here and as a bonus, all the moisture keeps my skin looking young and supple.

DB: We would also love to know more about your love for dogs, Toronto vs the West Coast, and what people can expect from a yoga class with you?

Brian laughing at nothing
Brian laughing at nothing

BK: My dogs Kingston and Sweetie are my greatest teachers in that they are completely pure mirrors that show me when I’m getting impatient or frustrated, or too caught up in work—in fact, Sweetie is telling me right now that I’ve been on the computer for too long! I’m constantly trying to embody the calm, assertive energy that Cesar Millan teaches us about.

I had some fun times in Toronto and met my wife there, but the West Coast is where my heart is. I feel so much more at home here and as a bonus all the moisture keeps my skin looking young and supple.

Yoga with me is rooted in tradition, but applied in a modern context. Class usually starts with an open forum discussion, often led by something that I’ve been contemplating (one of my students affectionately calls my class “rants and chants”). I hope that my deep love of yoga, affection for people and sense of humor comes through in my classes. Sometimes I’ll serenade the class with some guitar playing during their savasana.


<3 Brian