Get outside.


My back is aching from all this computer work so I often stop by the local playground to do some "monkey yoga". Today, as I was hanging by my feet I heard some giggling around me and as I came up, I saw that I was surrounded by a pack

 of tiny brown native girls ranging in age from 3-10.

They got a real kick out of seeing an adult acting like a kid and soon started challenging me..."can you do this?"..."can you do THIS??". I responded by summarily trouncing all of their expectations.Finally the oldest jumped down from the monkey bars and went into Urdvha Dhanurasana and I explained to her that in yoga we call that "bow pose, you know, like this?" as I mimed drawing back an arrow. She thought that was pretty cool, and when her parents started wrangling them all to leave the park, I could hear exclamations of, "that guy was showing us YOGA!".

I felt pretty good about that.

Who knows, maybe her child's propensity for play and exploration will never leave her, and maybe someday, when she needs it most she'll walk into a yoga studio and be confronted with the realization that it's perfectly acceptable to never "grow up", and to keep playing and sharing with other human beings as though there were no cultural or social divides.

So now here I am with tears in my eyes marvelling at all the beauty and joy in the world available to us at any given moment.

Do yourself a favour...go outside, get upside down. Get a different perspective on the world. Talk to some kids. Go as high as you can on a swing. Do whatever you need to do and don't stop until you get that feeling.