Get Good at Forgiveness


If you're thinking about embarking on a path of self-transformation, whether it's through psychoanalysis, psychedelics or Yoga, you'll need to get good at forgiveness pretty quick.

Here's why:

Your Yoga practice is going to bring it all up to the surface—every mean, rude, callous, ignorant, insensitive remark, gesture or act you've ever expressed. It's all coming out, sooner or later, sometimes even in the middle of your blissful asana practice!

If you're not practiced and adept at forgiveness, you're fucked. Pardon my French, but if you thought things were bad before, they might seem to get a lot worse as you go deeper into your practice.

Thing is, that's the whole point. We WANT those things to come up— to resurface into the light so that we can take a good look at them and figure out the where, why and how.

When that's done, you have to be able to forgive yourself—that old you, the one that was walking around on autopilot. Because your Yoga practice is helping you to be way more present and careful about what goes into your mouth, and what comes out of it.

So learn to forgive yourself. Don't avoid the nasty stuff, but let it come up, deal with it, and then let it go. Make any reparations to those you've hurt as you see fit, but don't beat yourself up. That shit is in the past.

And I'll tell you: it's not always easy to forgive yourself, so practice by forgiving others. It's a lot easier, and hey, you need to let that shit go too.