We Are Fruiting Bodies


Sometimes this happens...

During our yoga practice, an understanding or revelation may bubble up from the primordial depths of our self and make itself known to our conscious mind in the form of a vision or intangible emotion or knowing.

Today I was visited by visions of mushrooms and fungi as the visible, unique, expressive, sexual, fruiting bodies of the vast, ever expanding, hidden, connected mycelium network that underlies our whole world.

It occurred to me that us humans are very much the "fruiting bodies" of the Supreme Consciousness, and that our only purpose is to Be—to have sex, to expand, to feed the planet, to be fed by the planet, to express the creative force that arises in a unique way in each of us—to take part in the death and nourishing cycle of Life.

There is nothing to "do", but "be".

Just as there are fungi who share a symbiotic relationship with their environment, there are other forms that thrive via parasitic relationship with their environment. Neither is good or evil, just an expression of Life.

Likewise, we as human fruiting bodies each fall somewhere on the broad spectrum of relationship with each other and our environment, and by doing so are merely acting out our own individual role in the great drama of Life, what the Hindus call "Lila".

All varieties are required for the balance of Nature as a whole.

All is temporary and ever-changing.

What goes around comes around.

I yam what I yam.