A Solution for World Peace

Every day, spend some time on the ground. It's very humbling.

Whether part of a formal yoga practice or not, take off your shoes and lie down on the ground. Try it face down for extra juice.

Remember that you're a part of this planet, this revolving ball of dirt, water, fire and air.

For hundreds of years, humans have tried to separate themselves from the earth—from wearing shoes with thick soles and elevated heels all the way to building rockets to take them into outer space! What has this done other than lead to a painful and destructive disconnection from our source, our mother?

Can you imagine if the leaders of the world held their summits lying on the ground? There would be such an equalization, a removal of pretence and power-posturing. Get rid of the chairs and beds and we'd all be happier and healthier.

So, lie down on her.



Give thanks.