Yoga? You must be yoking.

Yoga? You must be yoking.

Most people who have taken a yoga class are aware that “yoga” means “union” or “to yoke”, but when I ask people what it is that we are supposed to be “yoking” with, I usually get an uncomfortable look. I sometimes sense that people want to say “God”, but since that word carries a lot of baggage for many, instead I get silence or sometimes a vague, “um, the universe?”.

Waves of Gratitude

Waves of Gratitude

This morning during my practice I was hit with waves of gratitude and felt inspired to share this story to you, my little broadcasting network on social media (WYGA?). If we all met for coffee today I would tell you all about in person, but alas, I am on this little island in Canada and you are wherever you are. So please, pour yourself a cup and lean in.

a meditation on plants

I worship the sun

because it gives me life

I make sacred the plants

That receive the energy of the sun

And offer it to me

Why do they give themselves so freely?

So selflessly?

By giving me life, I may live

To plant more of their kin

So that they may grow, and live, and give life

And when I die

When all of my kin die

We give ourselves to the plants

So that their brothers and sisters

May grow, and live, and give life

And on and on it goes

So don’t put me in a box

Plant me in the earth

To feed those that fed me

So that once again I may be born

And grow, and live, and give life

And on and on it goes

On and on

It goes